Traveller evictions law UK – your rights

Traveller evictions can be a very stressful event and requires a knowledge of the law to achieve. As a UK landowner, specifically in England and Wales, there are trespassing laws in place. They are designed to protect you and your property when removing travellers from private land. The laws are designed to protect the owner from the unauthorised entry and occupation of unwanted travellers on your private land.

If you own private land and are experiencing problems with trespassing or travellers, our professional bailiffs (now known as enforcement agents) are here to help you uphold these legal rights, for the fast removal of both people and vehicles. Our in-depth knowledge of the law and how to deal with traveller evictions, means that you to reclaim your land and minimise the damage and mess that is often inherent with gypsy evictions, with the minimum of stress and hassle.

There are two main laws we can and do follow. Unauthorised Encampment Laws, and the more recently enacted and amended Section 60C-E. This allows the landowner to Instruct our Agents to serve notice on the occupants directing them to leave immediately. For the offence to apply, there must be at least one caravan ‘residing on land without consent in or with a vehicle. The trespasser’s residence or conduct on the land must also have caused (or be likely to cause) significant damage, disruption , destruction, or distress.

Common law traveller eviction for fast action

If you have travellers on your private land without granting them permission and you want them removed, it’s important to act fast in order to reduce the impact of their encampment. Because common law allows you to instruct us without going through the courts, you could be free of your unwelcome visitors as quickly as within 6 hours.

Once instructed our agents will attend site and serve notice for the occupants to leave the land. If they fail to do so within the allotted 2 hours. Our team will then begin the eviction process.

We work with two main priorities in mind: to act in accordance with UK trespassing laws at all times and to ensure that we reclaim your land as soon as possible. To benefit from our professional and reliable traveller eviction services and highly competitive rates, please call us on 01636 42868 or instruct us now.

We as a company have used Chris for a number of years. Always on hand to advise us and very professional in dealing with our leases.