New Instruction Forms

download instruction forms online

For your convenience, as a Strikes customer, we offer the facility for you to download instruction forms online  www.strikes-cs-instruct-us/. However please note that the instruction forms have been updated and if they have been downloaded for use previously, we advise that you revisit the web site and download the new up to date forms.

Current instruction forms are as follows:

  • Debt recovery
  • Authority to Enforce – CRAR
  • Repossession Order
  • Traveller and Trespass eviction
  • Residential Repossession
  • High Court Enforcement

Please down load the relevant instruction form and email back to

Please also note that our terms of business have been updated.

Does your Current Traveller Eviction Supplier Deliver?

Why use us for your traveller eviction

  • Certificated Enforcement agents – NOT security guards acting/moonlighting as Enforcement Agents
  • Cheaper than a court order
  • Police always notified
  • Fully insured up to £3 million
  • Body worn cameras on at all times
  • Complete legal compliance
  • Same day action
  • Highly competitive, transparent prices
  • Professional and firm approach
  • Full UK coverage
  • Regular updates – with full reports and photographs
  • Tow trucks on standby if required

Additional Services

  • Commercial Rent Collection
  • Commercial property Repossession
  • CRAR
  • Judgement Enforcement
  • Residential Repossession
  • B2B debt collection
  • Property Debt Collection
  • Tracing Services

To find out more, or to arrange a meeting, please contact us on 01133 229555

Quick and Easy removal of Fly Grazing from your land

Fly grazing is the unlawful practice and name given to the grazing of horse on private or public land without the land owns permission.

The horses are not always abandoned, the land is simply being used illegally. Fly grazing has increased in recent years and has spread throughout the UK with many horses at risk on unsuitable or unsafe land due to unlawful Fly grazing practices.

Presently the law states Fly Grazing issues, concerning private landowners, should remain a civil matter. Our bailiffs and Fly Grazing removal services provide a cost effective and reliable solution to Fly Grazing. the law that applies to Fly Grazing situations are not always clear and in some circumstances, the owner of the land that the animals are on can be held liable if the animal escapes and causes damage or is itself harmed.

Our experienced eviction team allow us to manage each individual case efficiently and professionally, to the clients satisfaction. upholding the law as the main priority every time.

We have our own live stock transporter and vehicles if required.